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Free-CGI Guestbook

Guestbooks allow visitors to your website to sign in and leave a message, to comment on your website, say hello, or leave an opinion.

Guestbooks also provide a means for your visitors to see what others have to say, becoming a dynamic testimonials page for your website.

This guestbook program shows the entries for the current month and provides a link to the entries of the last month.

You can also delete unwanted messages from your guestbook.

See a Demo of the Guestbook

Here is how you can create a guestbook for your website in 3 easy steps:

Step 1.- Register your Free-CGI username.

Step 2.- Customize your Free-CGI application.

Step 3.- Link your guestbook from the pages in your website, using the following code:

<a href=http://www.free-cgi.com/guestbook/
guestbook.php?User=your-username>Sign my guestbook</a>

That's it!

Additional options:
Delete unwanted entries from your guestbook.

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