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Free CGI Applications

Basic Applications

Form To Email

The contents of a form submitted from your site will be sent to your email address.

Real Time Chat

Let visitors to your website engage in real time dynamic conversations.

Interactive Games

Keep your visitors coming back to your website to play these fun games.

Recommend Site

Boost your traffic! Let visitors recommend your homepage to friends in seconds.

Password Protection

Password protect special private and members only areas in your website.

Search Engine

Let your visitors search your website or the entire Internet, from you website.

Intermediate Applications


Schedule events on-line and allow your visitors to post dated information.

Polls, Survey and Voting

Conduct polls, surveys or take votes on the web to find out what's popular.


Guestbooks allow visitors to your web site to sign in and leave a message.


Allow visitors to your web page to send an internet postcard to someone.

Link Manager

Create your own portal by letting your visitors place their links on your website.

Tests and Quizes

Create and grade tests and quizes automatically over the web.

Advanced Applications

Classified Ads

Users can post information on buying, selling and/or trading possessions.


Visitors will fall in love with your website finding a spouse or making new friends.

Job Finder

Post employment opportunities online. Let your visitors search and find a job.

Real Estate

Buy and sell real estate properties. Advertise your property listings online.

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