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Considering the reality of Jewish Arab relations in Israel, it appears there has to be some separation.
Transfer Arabs in Yesha and the rest of Israel to Jordan and other Arab countries.
Transfer only those Arabs living in Yesha (Judea, Samaria and Gaza).
Dismantle PLO infrastructure in Yesha, and send Arab terrorists back to Tunisia
Build a fence around Yesha (the "West Bank" and Gaza) to prevent terrorist infiltrations into Tel-Aviv.
Evacuate all Jewish towns in Yesha, prohibit Jews from living in Yesha. And if that is not enough to bring peace, send all Jews in Israel to South Florida.

The Israeli economy is suffering because of the ongoing Arab violence. What would you do to improve the Israeli economy?
Lower Israeli taxes.
Raise Israeli taxes.
Use military force to bring calm.
Ask the USA for money.
Increase government support for the poor and failing businesses.

What should be done in Israel to improve relations among Jews?
Teach more Judaism in school. Send all secular Jewish soldiers to Yeshivot Hesder.
Force Haredi Jews to enlist in the army or face prison.
Improve freedom of speech by allowing for more radio and TV stations.
Improve democracy in Israel by allowing Kach followers to vote for their chosen candidates in the next elections.
The problems dividing the Jews in Israel are caused by the Israeli politicians. Those politicians should be voted out of office. Redesign the electoral system in Israel.

What can be done to bring more Jews to live in Israel?
Bring peace to Israel, put an end to the Jewish-Arab conflict.
Improve and privatize the Israeli economy, lower taxes, reduce burocracy and government intervention in business matters.
Housing is too expensive, give each Jewish family a free plot of land to build their home here.
Increase government assistance to new immigrants, pay them money to come here.
If a new immigrant cannot find work in Israel, the government should provide him with a government subsidized job.

Which of the following categories do you fit in?
Jew living in Israel
Jew living out of Israel
Non-Jew living in Israel
Non-Jew living outside of Israel
Prefer not to say, or none of the above.

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