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From our mailbox:
This is the best cgi site I have ever seen.
It's really easy to understand and use.

Free-CGI has been the leading application service provider for community websites since its operations started in 1995. With Free-CGI you can choose from several applications that you can easily integrate with your existing website.

Make your website interactive with Free-CGI. Simply register using your email, a username, and a secret password. You will then be able to customize and manage all your Free-CGI applications.

Download the source code for several CGI applications. This enables you to customize, translate, and modify, ready-to-use CGI applications. By installing them in your server you will be in full control.

Learn the basics of internet programming at the Free-CGI school. Everything you need to know to create everything you see online.

Free-CGI.com is updated on a daily basis. New features and applications are added almost
every day. Free-CGI.com is always under construction. If you have any comments or
suggestions, please contact free-cgi. Thanks!

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