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The reason is that, in the past, this free service was blocked by YouTube, after less than 3 days of being operational, due to a very large amount of user requests that resulted in system abuse. In order to make this free service available again to the greatest possible number of YouTube channels that will benefit from it, SEVERAL CONDITIONS HAVE BEEN ESTABLISHED IN ORDER TO LIMIT THE NUMBER OF USERS AND TO PREVENT ANY FURTHER SYSTEM ABUSE.

If you already know how this works and you know what to do then go ahead and Analyze your Channel. Otherwise, please read the instructions first. If you have any questions or see any problems with this service, please send a private message to the Free CGI Channel.

  1. TIME LIMITATIONS: A channel can only be analyzed ONCE within a 24 hour period.

  2. SIZE LIMITATIONS: A channel can only be analyzed if it has no more than 2000 subscriptions, no more than 2000 subscribers, and no more than 1020 friends. This service will NOT work if the channel has either more than 2000 subscriptions, more than 2000 subscribers, or more than 1020 friends. (Note: Size limits set by YouTube).

  3. APPROVAL REQUIREMENTS: In order to use the system, the channel to be analyzed must first subscribe and send a friend request to the channels in the freecgi channel box that will return the subscriptions and accept the invites only if the channel meets the requirements for using this service. A channel will NOT be approved if it is offensive to any group of people in any way. Channels that promote violence, hatred, or racism, will NOT be approved. Channels with offensive images that fall under the above categories will also NOT be approved. Friend invites must be ACCEPTED by ALL the channels in the freecgi channel box for the system to work. Please be aware that the approval process could take one or two days, so be patient, because it will not be done in 5 minutes.

  4. FUNCTIONALITY REQUIREMENTS: This service will only work if the subscriptions, subscribers, friends, comments, and "other channel" boxes are enabled in the channel you wish to analyze. The freecgi channel must be in the channel box, and the following text must be in the channel description:
  5. IDENTITY PROTECTION: A channel can only be analyzed by the channel owner. To prevent other people from analyzing your channel, simply change the upper case letter "K" to the lower case letter "k" in the "CHECK" word in the text above that you need to place in your channel description. Any minor change or minor non-compliance with the above requirements, will prevent anybody from analyzing your channel.

After the above requirements have been met and you analyze your channel, you will be presented with 2 lists of channels.

  1. The first list is the list of channels that have subscribed to you but that have not yet been subscribed by you. Please subscribe to those channels if you are doing sub4sub.

  2. The second list is the list of the channels that you have subscribed to, but who are not subscribed to you. You may unsubscribe from those channels if you want, in order to make room for your real subscribers.

YouTube has placed a maximum limit of 2000 subscriptions for channels who have few subscribers. If you have a lot more subscriptions that subscribers, then this FREE service is worth GOLD to you, as you will quickly be able to reduce the number of subscriptions by eliminating those that you don't really need.

Why would you want to use this function? YouTube provides the ability to subscribe to the channels you like. The basic idea is that if you like the channel, or if you like the videos in the channel, then you subscribe to that channel.

But many people would like to have many subscribers in their YouTube channel, and they want to get those subscribers as fast as possible. Therefore, members of the YouTube community have invented a strategy called SUB4SUB, this means Subscription for Subscription, that is, I subscribe to your channel and you subscribe to my channel. This way, both channels get one more subscriber. This is an EXCELLENT startegy for people who want to publicize their YouTube channel.

The problem is that there are many cheaters in this game. For some reason, some people will tell you that they have subscribed to your channel so that you subscribe back to their channel. But they never subscribed in the first place, or maybe they did subscribe, and when you subscribe back to them they unsubscribe. This application will put an end to all those cheaters.

But there is another problem. Many people who would have subscribed back to your channel don't subscribe back simply because they never knew that you subscribed to them. There are many ways a subscriber can notify a channel that they have been subscribed and request that the channel subscribe back, such as a message in the channel's message board or a private message. YouTube is also supposed to send an email to the channel that has been subscribed in order for that channel to return the favor. But sometimes, the emails and messages are either not sent or not received.

If someone has hundreds of subscribers and hundreds of subscriptions it would take them a really long time to compare all their subscriptions to their subscribers. Surprisingly, there is usually more than 50% error between the subscribers and the subscriptions in a sub4sub channel. This program will help you resolve those problems immediately and save you lots of time discarding useless subscriptions while subscribing to the channels who deserve your subscriptions.

In order to improve the quality and the fairness of the YouTube community, please inform the channels you have subscribed to or unsubscribed from thanks to this application, so that they can also use this utility in their own YouTube channels. Please place a link back to this website in your YouTube channel's description.

You may leave them a message saying something like: "I subbed back to your channel thanks to the subscribers cross reference utility at the freecgi channel." Or: "I unsubscribed from your channel because you never subscribed to mine. I found this out at the freecgi channel." Or: "You never subscribed to me." Or: "Why did you unsubscribe?"

If you are actively doing sub4sub, then

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